We are a full-service real estate developer focused Investment service company, undertaking Investments, acquisitions, Sales and consultation across residential and commercial properties. Our Investor outreach includes NRIS, HNI Professional and Regional Communities, Family Offices, and Institutional Investors. Our goal is to match best real estate product to the curated investor network exclusively for each product. We are a multi-sided platform servicing landowners and developers and investors, delivering timely Inventory sales and secured returns respectively.

Lack of access to data-driven insights and expertise often leads investors to make unsafe dices in the real estate industry. Our founders noticed this problem Plaguing the industry in their span of careers in real estate. Thus, Quanta Partners was born with the idea to democratize investment opportunities in Real Estate and unlock value for investors, at scale.

The goal is to achieve this with our in-depth real estate expertise and strong data analytics foundation through our fractional investment model. We use patent pending computer vision technology to create data analytics to share insights with developers and investors/buyers.


We also offer a full suite of services ranging from real estate, capital markets,
infrastructure consulting, asset management, private equity, and alternative

We are based in

3 geographies- Los Angeles, Dubai & India

40 Development Clients

35 Real Estate funds

3,00,000 Real Estate Buyers

840 Real Estate Broker Affiliates

10,000+ HNI Customer Network


Property Sales, Property Tech, Luxury Design, Furniture Manufacturing, Interior Commerce and Delivery

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